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Media for the People

Today, is the launch of a new news site, by the people, for the people that reports news in the public interest, with a focus of holding government entities and connected businesses to account while using the principles of good journalism.

G’day, I’m Charles McGavin. I’m known for my work in advocating for families involved with the statutory child protection authorities throughout Australia.

Something I discovered as part of my work in this area of advocacy is that it is often necessary to inform the public about issues that present themselves with a public interest focus. I discovered that mainstream media often wouldn’t get involved, partly, it seems, because journalists and editors in that sector are compelled to follow an official narrative. For example, police have their own media units that prepare stories and provide a finished video file for media to publish unaltered. In effect, the police are creating the narrative they want the public to believe. Experience shows this is often biased.

Conversely, many news sources are involving themselves with what can only be regarded as a conspiracy theory. This is also muddying the waters of good journalism and presents stories that are not based on fact.

These approaches are not consistent with the core principles of journalism. Still, they are a reflection of what our society has become. We need to get back to the roots of good journalism and present balanced, well-researched stories with input from as many stakeholders as possible who have an interest in the story.

Good journalism requires obtaining information from multiple sources. It presents findings, where the facts gathered are presented in an unbiased way, giving an equal voice to all sides of a story. Ultimately, the reader must make up their mind about how they view the outcome of a story.

Presenting facts and stories in the public interest is the reason I have launched this news site. My focus is twofold – to tell the stories that require in-depth investigations and which mainstream outlets shy away from, and to present general news that the mainstream often takes no interest in or refuse to follow up on, or indeed to provide an alternative view to stories that the mainstream get wrong or misreport.

It is about holding our public officers, departments, and connected entities to account at the heart of all stories. The news presented must be factual and in the public interest. In the past I have found the need to tell stories when these entities get it wrong, however, I am just as happy to tell the stories when they get it right. So I hope I get the opportunity to write some of these stories as well.

I look forward to bringing you news and investigations that you won’t hear elsewhere.

If you have something of interest that you would like me to investigate or report on please contact me via the contact form.

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