About aus.exposed

G’day! I’m Charles McGavin. I created this site due to the great need to provide an independent voice for Australians when governments, their corporate entities, and private corporations are suppressing actions and events from the public knowledge that could only be considered unlawful, unethical, and not in the public good.

Due to some situations that have transpired in recent years, I have been thrust into a world that I didn’t even know existed just a few years ago. I have spoken to literally hundreds of people around the country and even met some of you. What I have learned is that Australia is not the country that most Australians think it is. There is a very dark underbelly that is active to this day. That underbelly is protected from public view except when major events erupt, which can no longer be ignored. The lawyer X scandal in Victoria is such an event as our SAS soldiers’ behaviour in Afghanistan.

My involvement and learning experiences have been in the Family Court and the state-based child protection systems. But this is only where it begins. These systems act as the hub of a wheel. As the spokes of the wheel extend outward to the rim, so do the systems that support the structure of the family and children’s courts. The stories I have heard from Australians who have had the misfortune to be involved in these systems are nothing short of heartbreaking. But it was hearing these stories that I became aware of the hub with spokes structure of our entire system of governance. Many of these people who had not met and were often located in different states told the same stories of manipulation, fabrication, coverups, and more by agencies such as police, government departments, courts, lawyers, and many other associated organisations. Some of this you can clearly see in stories reported by the ABC and other mainstream media outlets. Still, they are only the tip of a massive iceberg.

In recent years, I have discovered that when members of the public have experienced situations that should be reported in the public interest, the media often decline to investigate and report the story. After trying to get several important stories published, I realised a big deficiency in our media. There is a need for a news and investigative reporting outlet to present stories in the public interest.

My background is varied but largely professional and consists of a lot of research. I have university qualifications in IT and psychology. Also, I have trained in other specialised areas of suggestion and the impact of language on the mind. This supports a deep understanding of what has become termed “social engineering”, which can be defined as mass manipulation of the population’s thoughts. Much of this training supports the ability to work as a journalist and present a balanced, unbiased view on issues that affect Australians.

I follow these principles of good journalism:

  • Truth and Accuracy
  • Independence
  • Impartiality
  • Balance of public interest against privacy
  • Accountable when I get it wrong
  • Courage to tell the difficult stories

I welcome others who share my values to become a part of this project. At a time when we are questioning the motives of the Murdoch and Fairfax media groups, a voice of truth and reason that speaks on behalf of Australia’s people is desperately needed.